Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is by far the most beneficial and best form of advertising for any business. No matter your size, nothing builds your client base faster than having your existing clients speak on your behalf. For example, today, I answered my first word of mouth referral! It was so cool to have a neighbor actually tell one of her colleagues about my business. I got her call, and I was able to help her with a power of attorney. This does 2 valuable things:

1) I hopefully have gained a new client who will bring repeat business, and may also possibly provide more word of mouth advertising to her neighborhood.

2) My customers who referred my business now have a stronger relationship with their friends. Being able to help someone out by providing a credible referral can really strengthen a relationship.

At the end of the day, Word of mouth is great because it helps everyone out. I like being able to provide reliable service because I want my clients to know they can count on me and know their friends can count on me too. Reliable service brings more business.


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