Why I Became A Notary – Brandt

I became a notary to help people. Honestly before I went to class, I didn’t fully understand what a notary does. I knew they were certified by the government and that they didn’t make much money, but other than that not much. Initially I was interested in becoming one as a hobby. In class though, I learned how crucial a professional and responsible Notary can be in people’s lives.

Someone wise once said, “at some point in their life, everyone needs a notary.” This is 100% true, yet people give little thought to how important the character and training of their notary is to their needs. Notaries handle life changing actions on a daily basis. Whether it’s a loan closing or an acknowledgement a notary’s training and personal responsibility will directly affect the life of that person.

For example, I was recently called to someone’s house for a title notarization. They lost the original document so I suggested we print off a new one online. I helped them fill it out then notarized two signatures. I collected my fee for the two signatures and left. On the drive back, I got a text saying they found the orgininal document and requested I come back to notarize it. Of course, I drove back and notarized it. They offered to pay me for the second set of notarizations, but I refused.

being a notary is a business, but it is also a public office. A  notary’s first duty is to the public. Sometimes, it is more important to help someone out than to collect a fee.



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